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2.6 version certain effects sounds are low - resolved in sound card settings.

Posted: Tue, 24. Dec 19, 18:18
by Havocsquad
I have a wierd issue on version 2.6 where only the bolt guns/bolt turrets audio level is extremely low.

The plasma audio sounds normal.

There might be a few other background sounds that are reduced significantly but I can't recall what they might be.

I had to do a complete computer wipe, and had this issue come up with ONLY this game after a fresh install. It worked beforehand.

All audio drivers installed are current and the same version used beforehand.

I've checked the audio settings in the game and moved them around to see if that would help. Nothing.

Any clue what might be causing this and is there any way to isolate/diagnose it to verify the problem?

Re: 2.6 version certain effects sounds are low

Posted: Tue, 24. Dec 19, 19:09
by Alan Phipps
That is not being reported by other players and In the 3.0 betas the only problem reported was the bolt gun sound carrying on for too long after releasing the fire button.

Perhaps the only thing that I can suggest is to check in your sound control panel and maybe vary your speaker layout settings (eg stereo/quadraphonic/5.1/7.1 etc) and your balance and fader settings (left/right/front/middle/back/woofer etc) in case you have a setting which particularly disadvantages how bolt sound effects are played back. Of course changing these things may then affect other sound effects or game sound/music channels.

It may also be worth running a speaker layout sound test to check that all your individual speakers are working well.

Re: 2.6 version certain effects sounds are low

Posted: Tue, 24. Dec 19, 21:24
by Havocsquad
That would not suprise me, it defaulting to multichannel surround on a fresh computer wipe on my two channel stereo Mini 3.5mm output when certain audio occurs.

I'll probably have to dig out the sound app DVD for configuring it to force two channel stereo only.

For the mods, feel free to move this topic to the X4 tech support section. I just noticed it existed when I checked this thread for replies. <Done. Alan Phipps>

Re: 2.6 version certain effects sounds are low

Posted: Tue, 31. Dec 19, 18:04
by Havocsquad
Yes, the issue was my sound card defaulted to multichannel surround on my two channel stereo mini 3.5mm output after a fresh install.

Changing it to stereo only after updating more software missing fixed the issue.

It's a shame the chipset does not do automatic downmixing for the 3.5mm jack.