1.0 Docking/landing in third person mode

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1.0 Docking/landing in third person mode

Post by Perahoky » Sat, 1. Dec 18, 05:10


i cant dock any ship in third person camera mode. (i love this mode)
Thats cause the docking support visual isnt displayed.
When i enter first person mode, the landing instantly succedes.
Would be nice to be possible/fixed.


Except that, game runs very smoothly, even as my pc specs is under requirements. Respect to you egosoft, good work :)
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Re: 1.0 Docking/landing in third person mode

Post by CBJ » Sat, 1. Dec 18, 12:14

While I understand what you're trying to do, I don't think I can see how the docking guidance could possibly work in third person mode. It relies on you facing in the same direction as your ship for at least one part of the line-up, and with the external camera that could go badly awry.

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