[5.10 HF3] Very bad attack behavior with heavy modified ship and partial use of available weapons - 1 fix coming.

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[5.10 HF3] Very bad attack behavior with heavy modified ship and partial use of available weapons - 1 fix coming.

Post by -=SiR KiLLaLoT=- » Thu, 22. Sep 22, 22:50

Hi Devs.

I wanted to bring these two problems to your attention.

1) Small bug regarding weapons.

The sequence of actions was this:

- I gave the order to Geometric Owl (BSK-778) to fly to the CAB factory on the left (SBF-139), then the order "fly to object" was created.
- I teleported to the ship and took over.
- I personally attacked the Xenon K destroying all surface elements.
- While I was disarming it I made use of all the weapons, then finished the shields of the K using the Burst Laser only.
- Once the removal of the surface elements was complete I got up from the control chair WITHOUT reactivating the remaining weapons (Tau Accelerator).
- I gave the command to the captain of the Owl to attack the K, I paused, I moved the order of attack to the top compared to the order to fly to the station.
- I told the ship's commander to proceed with the current orders.
- While the commander was moving towards the target I activated all four weapons available from the information menu.
- The captain did not use the Tau Accelerators even though they were subsequently selected.

NOTE: The attack command that you will find after loading the save is the one created with only Burst Lasers selected, but in the ship menu you will find all four active weapons.
If you cancel the attack and recreate it with the four weapons active, the bug is fixed.

2) Bad attack behavior.

Despite the heavy modifications applied to the ship and the possibility of doing a huge amount of damage, the captain has a very bad behavior.
She flies to the K, fires a couple of shots in less than a second, after which she immediately changes direction to make another charge. Sometimes she misses the mark.
The captain has nearly 4 stars in handling and 4 full stars in morale. I am aware that the range of weapons used is very short, but I was expecting something better.


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Re: [5.10 HF3] Very bad attack behavior with heavy modified ship and partial use of available weapons

Post by j.harshaw » Fri, 23. Sep 22, 13:19

1 is fixed. Thanks for the report and the save. Should be in a future update.

2 is very situational and isn't applicable in general combat AI, but your comments are noted.

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