Ship behavior/loadout or other menu's can't be accessed

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Ship behavior/loadout or other menu's can't be accessed

Post by Waltz9 » Fri, 14. Jan 22, 13:08


In my save file below there is a ship named "ASG Recon Katana"
This is a former freelancer pioneers ship which I scanned before capturing to make sure it had advanced sattelites on.
now that the ship is mine and completely adapted to my wishes I tried to access its behavior menu but I couldn't

Whenever I press on any ship menu tab buttons, nothing happens.

Can you please look into that.
I have another katana and everything works fine for that ship so in this game I will just sell the ship and buy a new one eventually.

Save file

Update1: the only way I can access the menu is by selecting the ship and pressing the "Infromation button" on the upper right corner of the map.
Update2: I found the reason why I couldn't access it.
- I Told my my katana to explore a part in the universe which he couldn't access because of my blacklist settings, this caused some sort of error why I couldn't access the ships menu's anymore.
- After accessing the ships menu (mentioned in update1) I removed the failed explore tasks and now the menu's are accessible again.

PS: I'm able to duplicate this bug.

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