[4.0] Cr due from trades VS mimic traders?

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[4.0] Cr due from trades VS mimic traders?

Post by Browser_ice » Wed, 21. Jul 21, 20:10

Hi, I have 40 traders that I have just set up a few minutes ago

Initially I was going going to set them all to Autrade one by one. But then after doing the first one, I tried using Mimic behavior for the 39 other ones. They seam to be all doing auto trading.

However, I noticed the information "Cr due from traders" is not reflecting what they are all doing. It seams to only track the trade leader who is actually set as a real autotrader. Is this intended to not track mimic traders or it is a bug?

Also, are there any limitations to mimic traders or they are really autotrading?

Forgot to say I am using v4.0
Steam X-Superbox, XR, playing X4
Intel I7-3770
16Gb Memory
Nvgidia GTX-1060

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