[Request] Game Feedback for VA: would this be possible?

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Mamy la Puce
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[Request] Game Feedback for VA: would this be possible?

Post by Mamy la Puce » Mon, 7. Jun 21, 17:44

Hello everyone,

I am a French player and I am currently working on a rather elaborate VoiceAttack profile for X4, (X4 + VoiceAttack : Projet "Nébula") but as you all know, it is not possible as in ED to have a game feedback exploitable by a plugin associated with VA for example, in order to get a profile worthy of those available for ED.

This is therefore a request that is mainly addressed to developers, I do not know if it is part of the elements planned for the future but I think very sincerely that it could be an addition that would interest more than 1 player.

For now, I’m trying to make my profile something more complex and varied than the ones I found on the net that I didn’t think was great... ideal would be to be able to exploit variables according to the state of the player, the state of the menu, the weapons, the current mode... (scan, long range, SETA... etc). My profil works well with my hand-made variables, but it will never be perfect as long as it remains impossible to make VA understand that we took off for example using the mouse rather than pronouncing a vocal order...

ED has the "Elite's player journal" to permit reading data about your in-game state, and that’s this kind of feature I want to talk about, users would be able to build a plugin like EDDI for example and make all things possible.

I hope there will be interest in my message ;-)

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