Update 3.30 now available

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Re: Update 3.30 now available

Post by spooidz » Tue, 4. Aug 20, 16:14

KlausM wrote:
Tue, 4. Aug 20, 15:38
spooidz wrote:
Mon, 3. Aug 20, 20:37
The X4 Tech Support Forum shows: Current Version and Build Number: 3.30 (406216) - 2020-07-30

But Gog has this Upload: patch_x4_foundations_3.20_(38795)_to_3.30_(39994).exe

And GOG has the full game for Download: setup_x4_foundations_3.30_(64bit)_(39994).exe

Does GOG have a bad upload(s) ?
The build number (currently 406216 for version 3.30) is the same on all platforms and operating systems. The numbers in the GOG file names are apparently GOG-specific and not related to our build numbers, so this is nothing to worry about.
Thank You for the confirmation.

I will try to get further with GOG because if their different version number is what their Updater is looking for (the reason the updater says the game is not installed), it will never find it because the last resulting version will always be current Egosoft and not GOG. This will force all GOG updates to require full re-installs every time.

I would hope it would be a simple fix on GOG end to just use the last valid Egosoft ver numbers and not arbitrary.

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Re: Update 3.30 now available

Post by KlausM » Tue, 4. Aug 20, 16:30

spooidz wrote:
Tue, 4. Aug 20, 16:14
I would hope it would be a simple fix on GOG end to just use the last valid Egosoft ver numbers and not arbitrary.
Just for your information, the GOG installer/updater does not have any knowledge of the X4 build numbers used by Egosoft, it uses its own numbering scheme. So the numbers being different cannot be the reason for a problem with the updater.

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Re: Update 3.30 now available

Post by SoLate » Sat, 17. Oct 20, 08:47

So I wanted to make sure the devs saw this... it was left by someone on steam... and from the look of it, many players feel the same...

I started playing the X games YEARS AGO... back before TC... I fell in love with TC X3 and played it many times until I was having dreams about it.
I was hoping X4 would live up to that... sadly I was wrong... so very very wrong. The great thing about most X games is that they were just automated enough where the player could have a fleet and still play the game.
That is not the case with this game. IF... you can figure out how to play it, cause almost all the tutorials are broken in one way or another, you'll spend another 5 to 9 hours trying to get it to do what you want and NEED it to do. Further, you don't get to play your game... cause your always telling your fleet what to do. Walking around is cool... but it's at a cost of the galaxy size... the new crew feature is enjoyable... but all those skills are wasted half the time cause of almost no automation so no time to play YOUR game... because it's always about the fleet.

I am very saddened and disappointed by X4, and I understand why there is no demo... on steam, had I known I would have NEVER bought this game. Honestly, had Egosoft taken x3 ships and controls updated the graphics, and gave it x4 story. X4 would have been MUCH MUCH better. I am done with this game for now, after 16 hours of owning it. I say for now, cause I am hoping for a real update, One that fixes the bugs, and adds some automation to fleet actions. Trade Command Software Mk3 needs to be brought back, so trading and mining can be more automated, training crew needs to be fixed, etc... until then I am done
Egosoft... you have really let this X game lover down...

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Re: Update 3.30 now available

Post by Alan Phipps » Sat, 17. Oct 20, 14:09

@ SoLate: It's odd that you register here to post somebody else's undated remarks about X4 made on the Steam forum yet without adding any actual indication of your own opinions.

Also how do you know that they haven't already posted their opinions here under their perhaps different Egosoft forum name?

In my opinion, assuming a level of support or disagreement for a very subjective opinion is always a risky undertaking. It is usual practice to start a firsthand topical thread here and so give people the opportunity to make their own cases. This announcement thread is not the right place. :wink:
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