Empire Overview Crew Skill

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Empire Overview Crew Skill

Post by sware » Fri, 19. Jul 19, 10:28

I was wondering if there is a secret shortcut to access your crew from the crew overview window in the empire overview.
At the moment you either have to look through all your ships or go to the crew window, look for the ship name and go to the map, look for the ship, open the information.... if you want to promote someone to a captain/manager.
It would be nice to have a least a right-click context menu to go to the ships information panel or to get the com interface up. Just some way to be able to use this feature of the empire overview.
The other thing is now that we have ship IDs, every ship has its unique name but still some windows only show the „normal“ ship name, like the crew skill window. It would be nice if this could also be changed to include the ship ID for easier identification.

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Re: Empire Overview Crew Skill

Post by Novia Star » Mon, 29. Jul 19, 05:26

Would be nice if there just was a employee section of the menu ya!

Shows all the names, jobs, ship locations, and crew skill and progress to next skill.

In this menu you can transfer individual crew between assets. Or what would be really cool is if you had expert/master crew members they can train lower level crew.

Cap has all stars and can be set to crew training tasks. where they run drills and do training um stuff.
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