New analysis, my pros 'n cons

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New analysis, my pros 'n cons

Post by skyneedler9 » Sat, 13. Jul 19, 15:29

I've been playing this 2.50 for a good while, and I've gathered some strikes, and some ... well there are more strikes than positives... but I mean, still love the game, I get addicted the moment I turn the thing on so, with a grain of salt, I'm gonna list some crap here. (GONNA be a lot of writing so be forewarned)

CONS of 2.5 (Well some of these carried over maybe)
1. Economy- shoot I dunno what everyone is barking about... aside from the shipyards getting short on smart chips and stuff, I've yet to see them pump out a lot of ships at a time but I've hung around them and seen shipbuilding sooo, economically it seems things are fine for me, but I mean yeah there's not much challenge. If you really want to kill the challenge outright, just target facilities of one product and kill their production cuz lawd knows you get security hack tools a plenty.

2. I dunno if it was a one time off thing, but I couldn't access Turret Control consoles to hack them, the computer didn't light up with interaction, I could get security/shield/repair but turret controls just wasn't showing up. Definitely broke that mission with scale plate \o/

3.Infinite falling- that's solved, I'll tell you right now, 1 method of infinite falling is External Viewing anything around the 20 km range, I know for a fact 30km is Off limits that will 100% assure infinite falling. Other times if you external view something and it blows up and it puts the camera back to you... that can cause it too sometimes, but not 100%.

4.Large scale freighters picking up 50 energy cells....... Nooo... just, nooo... those managers need to know when dealing with Freighter class L ships, they should only deploy on large bulk trades. I should know the pain of waiting for crap like that when building stations and my mammoth is waiting for 50 hull parts from a freighter that has the slowest damn snail pace speed of anything. I know SETA helps but ugghhh, I've gotten used to not using SETA from XR, and X3 I used to break the game AI using SETA it's like the AI went so fast on a crappy processor that their codes break and I had ships doing weird behaviors xD, so yeah... I tend to steer from using SETA cuz Accelerating AI commands and stuff can lead to derps if you don't have a processor to keep up with it.

5. MY BIGGEST GRIPE! The lack of Aggression and Contested regions being WEIRD- Every time I went to a contested region, it's like the holy order in true sight were too stupid to see the Antigone ships. I watched as Odysseus destroyers would pop through and there's like 10 Antigone fighters and he'd ignore them and go off and patrol... I could literally sit idle in that space and not worry, I capped so many ships and didn't have to break a sweat... I HAD two Odysseus' by one another and I attacked one and the other just IGNORED IT! Not to mention the holy order put a defense station in silent witness ON THE HIGHWAY! Despite massive Antigone ship presense they DID NOTHING to those stations for hours... days of playing, until I decided to blow it up myself.

I made enemies with the Godrealm, the ministry and the holy order. The Teladi company gave zero craps when the ministry sided with a pirate and my ships blew his butt up, the Teladi company was like "Not my problem." (I lost no reputation with them fighting the ministry in their owned sector by their owned stations) but even being enemies with the ministry, their main group of ships is at bright promise having a conniption cuz xenon K's are spamming into Ianamus Zura, again a contested sector... the Teladi home fleet don't give a crap and they just hang around their shipyards while the ministry goes back and forth from the gates like the AI can't figure out to go through with the defense or recall them, let alone send anything at me, the same thing with the Godrealm, it's like they wanted to go through Nopelios with their Zeus carrier to go after me, they go through the gate and just get recalled back. Even when I wasn't in Nopelios I'd catch them going through, and even when I attacked them, they refused to stay and fight, they'd run back through the gate to their sector. The economy is one thing, but this broken AI that dunno how to prioritize and go through with their assault commands, and it shows in contested sectors they just act soooo ignorant... I'm pretty sure the reason the economy does so well in my game is because THEY Don't know how to handle fighting in contested regions so they rarely lose any ships. Sure if civilian ships don't get targeted that's fine, that's understandable at times... but when they are set to patrol and they're like 5 kilometers from a military opposition and they don't attack...... >_< like that has nothing to do with the war missions, just the AI is dumb when it comes to contesting. Goes strong for the first hour, then the AI stops functioning... plus during that playthrough, I had ZERO Xenon I's, just a spam of Ks. Also probably why nobody was losing capital ships... No big scary "I" destroyers to come crashing through and tear crap apart!

6. MODS- well for one I was getting some good higher quality mod parts in one game... but then that new game with the spamming Ks and no I destroyers from the xenon, I strangely got NO higher quality mods... ALSO I'd like to mod turrets on larger ships... I know it's more complicated, but surely there is a workaround. I'd like to be able to soup up a large impulse turret on my behemoth... XD I know I'm lame, frikkin the last playthrough I just fell in love with impulse guns, they may seem weak damage at first but the lack of overheating, their projectile speed... I dunno it has a charm to it. ALSO, my nova's travel speed was over 5,000m/s from a mod but it wouldn't show up when I did travel mode instead I got to 3816m/s, and that was it... >;/ imagine the disappoint when I got so excited, lying frikkin status screen.

7. A pet peeve of seeing spaceweed, spaceful, nividium, and maja dust... and the fact there's no ultimate end to these products. Like I'm hoping Nividum is gonna have a purpose later, like Experimental mark 2 and mark 3 weapons/turrets, like introducing Jonferco/Terracorp/ and OTAS and just dropping that little experimental assembly modules xD... and oh I dunno, maybe having a certain housing module to store excess crew that have no assignment, like a barracks, and like it takes food rations/ med supplies and things like spacefuel/spaceweed/ and maja dust is used for Morale boosts! YEAH! Ooh, like a Leisure or Pleasure biome xD

--- honestly, that's my biggest gripe cons... just some broken things like infinite falling (I know is looked into so yeah) but like the turret control panel not working... the lack of challenge I guess economically and the severe lack of aggression. (I honestly donno what would happen to representatives if their stations are destroyed, that's kinda some core blueprints needed but like... I'd still prefer some more hostility, give you a reason to put up station defenses and keep your ships accounted for and defended... and if boarding can ever be done right too, see AI have designated boarders... \o/ oh yeah that's 8th con, is the fact boarding is still janky with the fact you gotta pretty much tell the ships to maintain distance, cuz all the other options don't work, they'll literally shoot the ship till it explodes... -shakes head- idiot pilots I tell ya,

PROS of 2.5-

well for pros... I uhhh...

1- Resupply ships may be a little derp and in need of some tweaks, and 40 missile stock is not the ideal amount for a massive supply ship, but the ability to mass transfer crew... OHHH GAWWWD I've been enjoying the HELL! out of that! The fluidity that makes boarding and transferring gives me so much more time to do other things than spend 15 minutes on a screen click, click, click, click, click... just... this was the biggest + pro discovery I got from 2.5

2- A max inventory, and an HQ inventory storage. Another + to me, the interface derps sometimes but it does work as intended for me. Just when you have zero inventory on your end and you transfer over, it shows the bar of transfer but not the number on your side, it stays at zero... but don't be fooled it does transfer \o/. I enjoy a little need to manage personal inventory. I sure am looking forward to those digital seminars being more than a cheap joke xD.

3-Fixing the station building. The AI has been seen building some INTERESTING stations, and even adding onto their own shipyards sometimes, didn't see it in my latest save, but the previous save (Also on the 2.5) the argon wharf went nuts and got some serious add-ons. I still see like at most two or three defense stations being built in sectors, but there's much more variety factories... like the scale plate pirates building a spaceweed, hull part, hybrid factory XD!

4-No crashes... for me at least, Zero, zilch, nadda... I do however have an issue where the EXE continues to run after exiting and won't end without a process end... strange... even uninstalling and reinstalling did not fix...

5-- (SHOOT I FORGOT EDIT:) blacklists... love blacklists!!! definitely a great added feature. being able to tell my ships to avoid that dang hatikvah's choice, and enemy sectors kept my ships from flying into stupid situations... like when the xenon just unexpectedly decide to drop a fleet in hatikvah's choice the moment you got slow moving transports going that direction >_<

I HAVE YET to build my venture platform, yet to touch that... I've yet to get far enough in the game to say I got near completion of doing anything. I had at max 80 ships, 6 stations at one point, I took both Nopelios sectors in one save, honestly, I'm in no rush to set any super take over the entire universe goals xD. I'll get there eventually...

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