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Manual remote claiming abandoned ships

Posted: Fri, 12. Jul 19, 07:22
by Elvenwolf
I am just curiouse if it was intentional design or what. I am aware of global settings for "auto claim" abandoned ships or notifications. Reason I don't have auto claim active is because sometimes haulers find them but they are also near hostiles. And with pilot comm (notification) if you try to look at the map to find it, check the situation, the comm will disappear and the option to claim/protect/ignore goes away. Sure I can go there and claim myself but here is my questions:

Why is there no manual function for remotely claim abandoned ship if auto version is availabe in global setting? What is the difference between claim now (from notifications or auto) and claiming later? Same action just different input/time.

Re: Manual remote claiming abandoned ships

Posted: Thu, 25. Jul 19, 08:42
by gorgofdoom
There is an option for it. Right click on the abandoned ship with one that has marines selected to perform the task. If it doesn't have marines, the option will not be available.