How to kill unfinished stations 101

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Re: How to kill unfinished stations 101

Post by kilmore7466 » Mon, 8. Jul 19, 07:11

Whatever the cost, I applaud your ingenuity in finding this solution. We really should have a medal achieve for people that figure this out before all of us give up the game for being to hard for the sandbox.

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Re: How to kill unfinished stations 101

Post by photomankc » Tue, 9. Jul 19, 17:07

EmperorDragon wrote:
Wed, 10. Apr 19, 16:31
I simply delete orphaned build storages from the savefile if they are in troublesome locations but, there are people that prefer to avoid the *modified* tag. I see no problem in warning people about consequences of using workarounds and there's also no solid guarantee that a patch will remove bugged build storages.
How do you identify and cut them out? I have some I'd like to get rid of.

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