T Flight hotas causing unplayable error.

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T Flight hotas causing unplayable error.

Post by Rob52299 » Mon, 21. Jan 19, 22:41

As soon as I move the stick or throttle the ship spins out of control and does so until I ctrl+alt+delete quit it. Hijacks the mouse cursor and spins up and tot he right so i can't even access the main menu.

Joystick works 100% fine with all other games. Strictly an x4 issue.

Game is completely unplayable.

Alan Phipps
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Re: T Flight hotas causing unplayable error.

Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 21. Jan 19, 22:45

So why post this in the X Rebirth forum? Moved.

I would first check for interference from other USB devices (unplug one by one to eliminate) and then do a full calibration, deadzones and stuck input check of the stick in question. Also make sure that no 3rd party game profile app is interfering.
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