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Polish website not updated?

Posted: Thu, 9. Nov 17, 18:29
by mr.WHO
When I hit "Home" here in the forum, I'm redirected to polish version of Egosoft page:

It seems to not be updated with X4 information, while english page is:

Please either update polish page, or if it's not longer maintained fix the forum redirection to english page fr polish users.

Posted: Thu, 9. Nov 17, 21:44
by Alan Phipps
Moving to X4 forum from XR Tech Sp, but I have flagged this up to the devs too.

Posted: Fri, 10. Nov 17, 10:48
by CBJ
Unfortunately we've not had anyone offer to translate news articles into Polish for a while. As a result, we deactivated the Polish news page but, as you discovered, forgot to deactivate the Polish home page link. That has now been corrected, so thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Having said that, if you, or anyone else with Polish as their first language, would like to volunteer to translate news articles, then I'm sure we'd be willing to resurrect the Polish section of the site.

Posted: Fri, 10. Nov 17, 10:56
by mr.WHO
Hi CBJ - thanks for quick fix.

As for the polish translation - I think there is no need for that - english is rather popular in Poland and even more among gamers, so there should be no problem with sticking to english webpage.

Posted: Thu, 7. Dec 17, 17:37
by schedarx
Yep. I confirm. If anyone from Poland is smart enough to play modern X games they surely understand enough English.

Posted: Thu, 7. Dec 17, 22:02
by Sorkvild
Of course I'd like to play X4 in Polish and I hope Egosoft will meet the challenge and deliver Polish version of the product in the future.

If you're releasing Chinese or Russian translations then what is the problem? Also there is a new generation of fans growing up and allowing them to enter the world of quality space games in their native language would be beneficial.
I remember when we had really good translation of X2 The Threat which was done by two-three dedicated fans and later on Polish publisher Cenega used some parts of their work and add their own "flavors" that resulted in funny sounding ship names like "Scabbard" translated into "Pochwa" which is a medical term for vagina, so...
Lack of activity inside the Polish forums doesn't mean there is no interest in X games in Poland. People still play and discuss on facebook, other social media and other space sim forums.
What I see on the internet - lack of translation - lack of interest. And this applies to X games too - where people ask for mods translations. I tell them play in English, naah man want to play in Polish. Maybe people aren't fluent in english like few of us here assuming everyone understands English in Poland. Also people want something ready and on demand, but this doesn't mean we are lazy, maybe we simple don't have the time to slowly read and translate.
I've played games in English since my first computer back in 1990. Now I'm a grown up person, have busy life and losing time and dwelling on something simply do not calculate. When I see this brand new RPG title with a lot of text and if it isn't in my native language - then sorry, I want play games to relax without extra cognitive costs.

Posted: Thu, 7. Dec 17, 22:21
by CBJ
Sorkvild wrote:...what is the problem?
As already explained, the problem is the lack of volunteers. We're more than willing to include a Polish version of the game texts if there are people willing to do the translation.

Posted: Fri, 8. Dec 17, 00:23
by Sorkvild
I believe that you're aware of translation hubs like Proz where a company or a person can find assistance in creating a professional translation. Everything is there, you can browse from people differing in competency and experience. There are translators specializing in types of games from fantasy, space, historical etc. I'm sure there are people who would be happy to work with Egosoft in creating professional translation. There is this old saying "If the mountain won't come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain" - like reach out for translators ;)