poking around in the config file...

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poking around in the config file...

Post by PlayerWon » Wed, 16. Feb 22, 16:07

so im poking around in the config file to get a little bit better appearance in the game, since my hardware will support more than what the devs limited the game to.
im wondering what a few of the fields mean, but the one that tickles my brain the most is:
the next one i think i can guess but its:
and i wanna say its probably what prevents us from switching camera modes to 3rd person or exterior.
and lastly, the fields i edited where:
iirc they where all 0.15 by default, and i was sick of looking at the blocks turning in to stations after popping up suddenly in my view.
ive found these edits work fine on my machine, no framedrops aside from the first time i enter a new system but ima chalk that up to those systems probably dont exist until i enter them.
the viewdistance setting and the lodfactor setting are a little ambiguous though, so im wondering how the numbers entered affect the image on screen. im thinking viewdistance is meters, or some rough equivelant. lodfactor has me stymied proper tho lol.
i know this game is near necro, but i hope someone in the know can help me with these questions since i still love and play the only (regrettably) instance of the x universe that truly immerses me.
sidenote: please egosoft, more vr in the x universe!!! its a rapidly growing fanbase...

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Re: poking around in the config file...

Post by bakterius » Wed, 23. Feb 22, 14:52

You can try and leave feedback. On Valve index with 150% SS looks very nice without change any settings.... i want more from devs fix index controllers... Its realy bad decision burrow this game from devs when VR is raise to 3 millions users on PC/Quest. We are live in time, where modders make more VR games compatible (subnautica below zero, Resident Evil2,3,7,8, gta5) than developers... so sad.
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