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iTg onward transmission and recruitment site

Post by gerrythegremlin » Mon, 22. Mar 04, 15:44

It is my pleasure :D as founder and general dogsbody of the iTg to announce plans to set up the Danish iTg onward transmission site, and the start of the iTg campaign to create a native Danish iTg News Organ

Thanks to Conan1 for his go-ahead to set up and recruit staff and members for a Danish Branch of the iTg (International Teladi Guild)

We have some support from designers and grapics people, an offer from what I would describe as an advances systems engineer, whose services I hope to engage when suficcient progress has been made with the sites, and we are looking for more skills all the time!

As you will see we have lots to do yet, and I am very slowly putting together web sites to develope iTg services and resources, so we will be able to address the wide variety of functions, that will be required to satisfy the expected increase in activites, and activeness of guilds as the XOnline net game gets further into developement and nears release.

If interested pm me,

Here are the url codes for the other forum sites on other boards, and as a special, (completely free unless you wish to make a financial contribution to my personal account :D ) the essential the url code to read my very own short story is below:

so far these are the iTg threads:
English ... 760#343760

short story by gerrythegremlin, iTg founder: We were suspended in the void. Chapters 1-5

Russian language news letter Greedy News,
first edition with articles by Star Foreign Correspondent, Bobah:

Netherlands moved and locked
French locked

If anyone wishes to translate this post into danish/german just post below, and i will copy your translation to integrate here if you like.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope that a danish native speaker who has better german than i have will rise from the ranks to win the hearts and minds of the people of Denmark and the XUniverse - :D :teladi: :D all at a suitably lucrative profit, of course :D
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We were suspended in the void. Chapters 1-5
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