X Rebirth Home of Light: come fare con mods e salvataggi?

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X Rebirth Home of Light: come fare con mods e salvataggi?

Post by FabryAlliance » Fri, 2. Sep 16, 18:07

Salve a tutti,

Ho giocato per diverso tempo con X Rebirth e varie mods. Adesso sto per installare Home Of Light ma non ho capito:

- Devo per forza ricominciare una nuova partita?
- Oppure posso continuare la mia partita precedente?

Nel secondo caso come posso fare? perchè home of light mi si installa in modo "standalone" :/

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Post by UniTrader » Fri, 2. Sep 16, 18:28

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If you want to talk about this in the English Modding Forum feel free to Open a Topic in english there ;)
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Re: X Rebirth Home of Light: come fare con mods e salvataggi?

Post by ajax34i » Fri, 2. Sep 16, 19:47

FabryAlliance wrote:Hello everyone,

I played X Rebirth with various mods for some time. Now I want to install Home Of Light but I do not understand:

- Do I have to start a new game ?
- Or I can continue my previous game ?

In the second case, how? Because Home of Light is installed as a "standalone" (addon?) :/
EDIT: To see if HoL is installed correctly, start X-Rebirth, and at the menu look at Extensions. Home of Light should be listed in the Extensions in X-Rebirth, and it should say: Home of Light ... ON.

When it's installed, both options are possible.

- You can start a Home of Light new game, and this will put you in the Skunk, already inside the Home of Light solar system, with 2 Nyanae trader ships and 250k credits, and you can build your fortune from there.

- You can start a Verge Explorer new game, and this will put you in the Toride solar system, with 50k credits and upgraded shields and engines, but no other trade ships. You will have to survive Toride and find the jumpgates that link Toride with Home of Light and the rest of the galaxy (Albion, DeVries, etc.).

- Or you can continue your previous game. When you install the HoL add-on, somewhere inside the game there will be a new jumpgate that can take you to the Home of Light solar system, or to Toride. So you can fly through this jumpgate to enter the HoL areas and explore them.

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