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docking with ship and can't move

Posted: Thu, 6. Jun 19, 06:31
by AR_Starfighter
Hello all. I'm using the GOG 4.30 downloaded windows version. I have mods running, but none that do anything to station and ship docking or movement.

You dock with a ship. You can't move or press the quicksave key. Randomly, no pattern.

First, I need to know if anyone else has encountered this problem with no mods running. I'm been using the workaround.
esc->save game -> load game. So, I will try no mods, but I want to wait until I know if someone has already tried that.

I have advance programming skills and have been studying up on x-rebirth modding. I can fix it myself if I knew where look in the code. It's massive and windows searches don't help much.

I've already done a mod to 'combat rank bailout'. Now, the updates to points don't clutter up the logbook. It's just a window that pops up 20% of the time. The combat updates are now a percent. Not bad for a first timer. :)

Fixing those annoying reward messages 5-10 in a row. :P
Time saving button in the buy sell wares menu.

Where do I look to find it in the code files? Else, is a direct download update or mod available to fix the problem.

Re: docking with ship and can't move

Posted: Tue, 11. Jun 19, 21:39
by AR_Starfighter
GOG 4.30

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Show
Black Market
Boarding Options-496-1-10.rar XR Nebulas XR PLANETS-365-1-0.rar
Engineer Fix

Re: docking with ship and can't move

Posted: Wed, 12. Jun 19, 15:46
by Alan Phipps
These are questions that you ask in the S&M forum, so I'll move this there.

Re: docking with ship and can't move

Posted: Fri, 14. Jun 19, 03:51
by AR_Starfighter
Dock autosave can be used as a base mod. (Or modify the base keyboard and gfx code.)

Replace the autosave command with set player position.

player position: read and set - how?
read class: station, ship type. To get the correct position.

Check if movement keys pressed, then see if player has moved position after 3-5 sec. If not, set player position.

Re: docking with ship and can't move

Posted: Wed, 19. Feb 20, 19:15
by jaspericus
Hi, not sure if relevant to your issue but I used to get this issue as well. I tracked it down to using novadrone missiles. For some reason if I used them, then within the next couple of dockings (station or ship), I would loose all movement . I would have to save and reload. I have since stopped using novadrones at all (tristrars are shipkillers if used correctly ) and not had a instance of this happening since.