[HELP] "Threshold" and "Efficiency" of capital ship shields

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[HELP] "Threshold" and "Efficiency" of capital ship shields

Post by jelf » Tue, 16. Apr 19, 13:27

Hi guys,

I'm just looking at the xml for capital ship shields
E.g., assets\props\SurfaceElements\Macros\shieldgenerator_size_m_mk1_macro.xml
and they have two "threshold" items in it.


Code: Select all

  <macro name="shieldgenerator_size_l_mk1_macro" class="shieldgenerator">
    <component ref="props_surf_ar_shieldgen_large_mk1" />
      <identification name="{20104,2001}" description="{20104,2002}" unique="0" />
      <boost duration="600" />
      <recharge max="300000" rate="2000" delay="8" />
      <hull max="30000" threshold="0.25" />
        <sefx_damage_low ref="sefx_damage_m_low" />
        <sefx_damage_medium ref="sefx_damage_m_medium" />
        <sefx_damage_high ref="sefx_damage_m_high" />
        <sefx_shield ref="sefx_shield_m_02" />
        <threshold threshold="0.75" value="1" />
        <threshold threshold="0.25" value="0.25" />
What does the "threshold" behind "hull max", and what does <threshold threshold="0.75" value="1" /> mean?

Thank you!

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