[MOD] XR-utilities pack

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Re: [MOD] XR-utilities pack

Post by alexalsp » Fri, 12. Jul 19, 21:16

AR_Starfighter wrote:
Fri, 12. Jul 19, 21:03

xr_searh_tool_v1.03.7z XR_Utilities?

XR-utilities pack

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Re: [MOD] XR-utilities pack

Post by AR_Starfighter » Mon, 5. Aug 19, 03:15

Thanks. It's really handy without cheating. I would have to do it the hard way. This just makes it much quicker.


Reward fix
Silent menus
Autodock Repair (handy for out in the middle nowhere, you can go to a friendly ship for repairs.)

Only one download verified for each. ?? Must be Egosoft. Still stuck on my next mod. Some variable scope error. Two modders in PM don't know how to fix it.

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