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[MOD] Improved Log

Posted: Sat, 26. May 18, 13:43
by eliseeff
Name: Improved Log
Version: 1.00
Autor: eliseeff
game version 4.0 or higher; Shortname Generator
Install: Subscribe to the mod on the Steam Workshop page
Uninstall: Unsubscribe from the mod and delete the mod folder
Savegame compatible: YES

XR VR-edition Steam Workshop page


The information in the journal has been improved somewhat. The most important messages (such as attacks on your ships or their destruction) are color-marked. When transferring money to managers, instead of their name, the name of the station is written.

But IMHO the most important thing is that when your ships destroyed, their home base (and it's location, if it is a station) is indicated.

If the subordination is multi-stage - the first and last commander is indicated through the slash (if the last commander is not Skunk). If the last is Skunk, it indicates the first and penultimate (with the note "in squad"). If there are intermediate commanders between the first and last (or penultimate) commanders, "/ ... /" is written instead of one slash.