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Post by stefanEgo » Fri, 25. May 18, 12:39

@eliseeff: That's not quite correct. There's no performance difference expected in your case regardless of whether you use bytecode or plain Lua scripts. Only the initial load time of your script would be impacted in that case but we'd be talking here a range of milliseconds which should hardly be relevant for your use case, should it?
To profile your script and determine the main performance relevant sections, you can also make use of DebugProfileStart() and DebugProfileStop().
DebugProfileStop() returns the time in ms since DebugProfileStart() was called (I took the chance to update the documentation for these function shere: https://www.egosoft.com:8444/confluence ... n+overview ).
Stefan Hett

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Re: UI modding - support thread

Post by FRSTR » Wed, 19. Dec 18, 15:42

Hi @stefanEgo
I have a question on UI modding, if you don't mind and still here.

I've been updating XPL/Lua files as discussed earlier in this thread to resize the menus, and it worked pretty well for Options Menu and for Main Menu in the left sidebar (I know tha modifying those files directly is not ideal, but al least it works).
Though the issue is that I cannot find the config parameters for rendering text in communication dialog (for example, when in cockpit and use F key for a ship or station and there is info or docking options around the cursor) and text for objects flying around, e.g. the distance to this object displayed inside a rectangle.
I actually managed to resize some of the icons next to those texts, but not the texts itself.

Could you point where to find those configs?

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Re: UI modding - support thread

Post by FRSTR » Wed, 19. Dec 18, 17:35

Holy moly! When I thought I looked everywhere I could (though I'm new to modding and X rebirth) I actually was able just increase the font size of the text element with one new line in menu activation function. The forum must have magic aura.

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Re: UI modding - support thread

Post by gamesemailvp » Thu, 7. Feb 19, 17:57

Would you help me create a mod?
I want to add the order of patrol, minimum ability of a star, but I do not give ..
What have I done wrong???

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>
<add sel="//aiscript/order/skill/">
<skill min="20"/>

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Re: UI modding - support thread

Post by AR_Starfighter » Mon, 10. Jun 19, 06:12

Hello all. I have advanced programming skills and been reading up on UI scripting. I'm overwhelmed by the complexity of the code and need help.

I've already done a mod to 'combat rank bailout'. Now, the updates to points don't clutter up the logbook. It's just a window that pops up 20% of the time. The combat updates are now a percent. Not bad for a first timer. :)

I need someone to walk me through how to do this mod.

When you contact traders in the buy sell menu, you have press the change key then set the amount. It's usually buy all or sell all. It's get repetitive and annoying.

How do I add a 'buy all' and 'sell all' button One on either side of the 'change' button?


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Re: UI modding - support thread

Post by Fisken » Tue, 23. Jul 19, 13:00


I have a question for you people who can mod out there, my basic knowledge of computing is roughly in the range of knowing how to turn on the computer and play the games on it, now i would like to have a mod made on topp of that, the mod I would like to have help with or find out if someone is willing to help me with is as following:

I would like it to be possible to build from one of the existing dual cargo ships in the Devrise dockyard but with the possibility to chose what kind of cargo they would be able to carry, say there is a step added in the built chain before you chose turrets and shelds where you chose what cargo the ship should carry.

Is this even possible to do, and by a complet nob?
Or maybe someone could even do it for me? :oops:


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