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Posted: Sat, 17. Jan 15, 17:15
by Ketraar
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Posted: Mon, 27. Jul 15, 00:54
by tefara
Hello, is there any way to test the changed code without reload game again, i'm using a laptop and it take 10m to load game again

Posted: Mon, 27. Jul 15, 01:04
by w.evans
Huh, didn't realize that this thread isn't locked.

@tefara, some, yeah. There's an old thread with console commands. Remember that you'll have to set a hotkey to activate the command line.

Posted: Sat, 30. Jan 16, 17:40
by ubuntufreakdragon

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[url=]Creating isolated modsetups for XR[/url] - ubuntufreakdragon

Posted: Mon, 8. Feb 16, 11:17
by X2-Illuminatus

Posted: Thu, 3. Mar 16, 14:25
by jerry7890
Part of 01 or is:

X Rebirth_extracted\scriptproperties.html

which extracts&list in the browser the valid global variables, constants, properties ... for the extracted game version.

You have to extract 01-09cat/dat + the relative sub01-nn cat/dat from DLCs in ...\X Rebirth_extracted