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Post by YorrickVander » Mon, 21. Apr 14, 03:58

Blimey! You are a legend, really looking forward to the end results of this work. ES, make a budget to pay the man for this? :D
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Post by werewolves? » Mon, 21. Apr 14, 06:54

YorrickVander wrote:Blimey! You are a legend

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Post by birdtable » Mon, 21. Apr 14, 09:31


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Post by Sparky Sparkycorp » Mon, 21. Apr 14, 10:38

:thumb_up: :) :thumb_up:

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Post by TheRealBix » Mon, 21. Apr 14, 12:35

I'm pretty sur you're feeling like this :D


Really nice work. I wish I could manipulate scripts as easily as you..

Big thanks to Night Nord, you have done a really good with the decompiler..

And I still don't know why Efosoft didn't brought us proper tools :/

I'll now search for some velues to enhance and try to upgrade my mods too :)

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Post by euclid » Mon, 21. Apr 14, 14:00

Stunning !

Keep up the good work Mad.

Cheers Euclid
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Post by Drewgamer » Mon, 21. Apr 14, 18:28

This gets me giddy.

This seems like it could definitely open up some great possibilities!
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Post by jeroll3d » Mon, 21. Apr 14, 19:23

Mad is back... :lol:

good work. :)
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Post by Wana » Tue, 22. Apr 14, 00:52

This guy is simply Mad.
Glad to see you again.

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Post by Eriodas » Tue, 22. Apr 14, 03:56

Wow that look so cool in the video, it almost felt like X3 :P

You are my favorite XRebirth modder now. Fantastic work, and is not even completed xD

Now if we just can get rid of that radial menu... is there a possibility to add specific hotkeys to the mods we have installed like X3?

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Post by Sparky Sparkycorp » Tue, 22. Apr 14, 10:37

Eriodas wrote: Now if we just can get rid of that radial menu... is there a possibility to add specific hotkeys to the mods we have installed like X3?
I'm not its greatest supporter but since the radial menu can be accessed while manually flying and fighting (quite a good development despite its shortcomings), I think we'd need another kind of interface alongside this nice adaptation before getting rid of it.

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Post by Mad_Joker » Wed, 23. Apr 14, 09:10

Below you can find a WIP update screenshot.

Also, I am definitely planning to release a tutorial on UI modding so that others can start with it as well, but I can't promise when this will be, since I want to get my own mod's UIs done first.

And one more thing: Modding the UI is definitely cumbersome. I have no idea what the person who wrote the UIs for Egosoft thought, but it really is a pain and the structure of the required code is rather un-intuitive. Therefore I am currently developing my own small UI framework, which abstracts a lot of the not-so-nice things away. The menu in the screenshot below was made with that framework, so I'm making good progress. The framework also makes the UIs snappier, since I'm building my own menu management system, which works completely in LUA instead of jumping back and forth between LUA and the MD.

With all that being said, stay tuned for more developments, and as always, hafe vun!

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Post by vadiolive » Wed, 23. Apr 14, 09:58


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Post by Roger L.S. Griffiths » Wed, 23. Apr 14, 10:25

Nice work, but why basically re-implement Wings from X3 as opposed to using the existing command structure in X-Rebirth?
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