[3D Modeling] all kinds Blender -3dsMax Collada ,links and tools i find on the way

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[3D Modeling] all kinds Blender -3dsMax Collada ,links and tools i find on the way

Post by bioscmos303 » Tue, 31. Aug 21, 05:22

this post touring into blender and 3Ds Max export imports helper :) :lol: :lol: :roll:
if any one want to try some editing - here are some files just to play around
use blender 2.78 only - because all newer versions killed the collada export

so far i found out the older vertions of 3ds max and collada you use the better so - the working 100% imp/exp are down there
in time ill add more info and pics make it easier .

blender blue prints + a mini mod test it if you want
https://mega.nz/file/xLoCSaRT#p1Dofddtn ... LWYkU2Hug

This is Gold must have if moding xr in blender
alternative Free and much much better Collada DAE file Exporter
for newer Blender like - blender-2.80rc3

better collada 2.8 master

About time i found better exporter for the newer versions of blender - from 2.8 its changed a lot
and the collada exporters that released (even now on ver 2.96) still broken

Blender 2.803c - for export use the better collada 2.8 master addon/script
https://download.blender.org/release/Bl ... dows64.zip

and if you need good oldy blender that have ok dae exporter and easy to use :
https://download.blender.org/release/Bl ... dows64.zip

tip but im not sure :? i think anima main connection040 is the player but default xml move it with more things
so in blender i just moved anima main to z=1 and x=0 and then "quick reposition for the other parts that parent to anima main connection as 3d objects

better ships on the way this is just some quick sharing with others for good vibe
more to come o7

3Ds Max (Stuff for old collada imp/expo)
online FBX to DAE Converter

so far this way to import and export old dae gave the best results dealing with z and Y without any bugs -looks like the older it go better for collada info

:lol: 8) :lol:
use this 2 together - old max and collada plugin that can even read and import xml files into 3dsmax 2011 ..

Freeware Autodesk 3ds Max 2011 (full version no longer sells so they giving it for free ) -

ColladaMax for Studio v1.0.0.134
https://www.maxplugins.de/max9.php?page ... &sort=Name

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Re: [3D Modeling] all kinds Blender -3dsMax Collada ,links and tools i find on the way

Post by Drumma » Mon, 13. Sep 21, 22:51

NIce post !! I used 3DS Max some a few years after its premier (iow, a long time ago).
Can models created from Rhino3D (3DM, Step, dxf, etc.) be used in the X games (or other games) ?
Is there a link to read about this ?

I recently started looking into making models for games and don't know a lot about the different software used. Some are pure subdivision modellers (like Wings3D) but most do subdivision modelling plus nurbs or basic solid modelling (such as Acad or Solidworks). I'm new to this so be gentle.


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