[Tool] .xmf/.xac <-> .dae converter

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Re: [Tool] .xmf/.xac <-> .dae converter

Post by KongDeluxe » Sat, 28. Nov 20, 19:29

Hmm well thanks for the information. What a shame though. :cry:

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Re: [Tool] .xmf/.xac <-> .dae converter

Post by Axel6430 » Wed, 14. Apr 21, 19:57

Hello! Does anyone still have the source code for this? I'm interested in the .xac conversion part in particular.

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Re: [Tool] .xmf/.xac <-> .dae converter

Post by Khaak_Slayer » Thu, 15. Jul 21, 01:38

Edit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5I84p ... _hAdPaa-DQ

This is the 0.2.1 release if anyone else is looking for it.

Doesn't appear to work though. Is there no other way to convert xmf files for editing?

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