Clients treasure missions disappeared

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Dev disco
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Clients treasure missions disappeared

Post by Dev disco » Tue, 13. Apr 21, 22:01

I decided to deal with the two missions that give you the mk5 shields. Got all the items, crafted the collections, and checked each of the missions. Apparently I picked them up somewhere in Albion, both have PMC as client. Albion was also marked orange in the map, I checked where I had to go because I got my jump drive. Once I got to Dormant Bear, where I was pointed to by the mission guide, the mission guide went poof for both missions. No marks on the map, can't check where it is in the mission description... nothing. I can't find anything about both missions in the log either.
I keep getting the "deliver item to client message", which is very uplifting.
What to do?

edit: I checked a backup, cheated myself the collection, and the npc wanting the item isn't there in the current game.

Alan Phipps
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Re: Clients treasure missions disappeared

Post by Alan Phipps » Tue, 13. Apr 21, 22:34

This is very vague recollection because I did these a long time ago.

I believe there was an issue that if you picked up these missions from a 'point of interest' station such as the Dormant Bear mine which only has one dock. The mission has you report to the mission-giver at one dock taking the items you collected and who then tells you to go see a special mechanic who fits the special ship item at another dock on that same station. With no other dock, there is nowhere for the special mechanic to spawn and hence the mission bugs out.

If you have two such special item missions from the same station then you are doubly bugged on both missions.

I think your unofficial workaround is the best you will get.
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