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Missing NPC

Post by Ceconis » Fri, 1. Mar 19, 15:24

This is for the VR edition of the game. Posting it in here for hopes that someone may actually respond to a thread I create...

The X-Perimental mission finally popped up, I have the engine components and it tells me to fly to JSS Metalframes Fab 1 in Radiant Heaven-High Scholar and dock at a specific point to talk to an NPC called Cerise Weamond, so I do this and straight after docking it tells me to go back into my ship. The NPC isn't there.

So I install the Recall_Opendoors mod so that I can actually look for the NPC in the station and she's still no where to be found. I've also tried every single other docking position on the station and exploring all of that in hopes of finding her, with no luck.

I can see her in the station crew list, but can't comm her either. She's part of the Station Administration section on that list, if that matters.

I've tried flying to another system and back again, I can't abandon the mission to try and re-gain it so I am truly stuck. Is there anything I can do?

Incase it requires save game editing to fix this. Here's the entry for her:

Code: Select all

<connection connection="npcconnection">
<component class="npc" macro="character_ar_female_engineer_macro" connection="commandroomslot" name="Cerise Weamond" owner="civilian" page="10103" id="[0x7f4d]">
<skills visible="1">
<skill type="combat" value="3"/>
<skill type="engineering" value="2"/>
<skill type="management" value="1"/>
<skill type="navigation" value="1"/>
<entity type="upgradetrader" remotecommable="0" customconversation="1"/>
<value name="$SmalltalkDone" type="integer" value="2"/>
<npcseed bodyparts="3814144133" bonescales="2688555709" morphtargetweights="972098969"/>

Code: Select all

<mission id="19123" priority="712" name="X-Perimental" description="Great work. I'm not sure I want to know what trouble you went to to get those parts. Bring them back to me and I will start adding them to what I already have." faction="civilian" type="collect" level="hard" rewardtext="Experimental Jump Drive" abortable="0">
<objective step="1" type="custom" name="Take the parts back to Cerise Weamond" icon="missionobjective_deliver" active="1"/>
<objective step="1" type="custom" name="Take the parts back to Cerise Weamond" icon="missionobjective_deliver">
<target id="[0x7f4d]"/>

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Joined: Wed, 20. Feb 19, 13:36

Re: Missing NPC

Post by Ceconis » Fri, 1. Mar 19, 16:50


Editing remotecommable="0" to ="1" (false to true) worked somewhat. It allowed me to comm the NPC which just gave me a blank window that closed but did move the mission to the coolant part. Hopefully this will not break something else but is a work-around for anyone else that may come across this bug.

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