Look around with a controller

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Look around with a controller

Post by MrFiction » Tue, 12. Dec 17, 11:36

It seems to be impossible to look around inside the ship when using a controller. Version 4.30 massively improved controller support (targeting and quickmenus) but for two features I need to have a wireless keyboard handy: quicksave and looking around.

Anyone managed to do this with a controller? I already tried to do this with xpadder (a program which simulates keypresses when a controller button is pressed) but this broke several other uses of the analog sticks.

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Post by Deacon_Wolfe » Tue, 19. Dec 17, 22:00

I can't even get my controller set up. So I switch to my thrustmaster,it works but..I am at loss for words to describe how frustrating this has been to get this game's controls to even work.

I am so close to uninstalling and never looking at this game again. The new updates did not seem to help.

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