Strange msg on logbook

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Strange msg on logbook

Post by astreus » Thu, 16. Nov 17, 16:46

I encountered many blocks (each block about 10-15 msg lines) at the logbook, telling me that one of my USV (contruction drone) was destroyed at where I was at thjs time.
Luckily, I do not miss any of may USV.
I boarded some ships there, but also I checked the inventory, no USV are missing.

This msg keep on going, nearly in every zone I am, it creates this msg, lot's of it..... between the normal msg.

Any idea what is gonig on here?
This wasn't from the beginning, it started after much game time.
After more than 10 days DID you have to be mad!

Alan Phipps
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Moderator (English)
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Post by Alan Phipps » Thu, 16. Nov 17, 21:50

A known issue from the latest released drone mechanics but also addressed in the current beta version.

Changelog for 4.22 "• Beta 2: Fixed player getting notifications for player-owned Construction URVs and Cargolifters getting destroyed."
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