Unable to get mouse OR joystick controllers working...

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Unable to get mouse OR joystick controllers working...

Post by Malakie » Fri, 4. Aug 17, 03:20

Having a problem that I am unable to solve.

System: i7-3770s, 16 gb, GTX 1080, logitech mouse and keyboard.

Controllers: Logitech mouse, X52Pro HOTAS (NO rudder pedals), Tobii eye/head tracker 4c

When I plug the HOTAS into my system, the mouse does not work in the game. Removing HOTAS, mouse works. Plugging the HOTAS back in, mouse stops working.

Additionally, regardless, HOTAS does not work at all.

And NO removing my controllers just to play one game is NOT an option. And I should not have to remove a controller just to get the game working.

I thought this problem had been fixed but apparently not from a google search.. So how can or do I fix this?
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Post by hermattila » Tue, 24. Oct 17, 19:43

X 52 has a built in mouse on the throttel quadrant.did u try to use that?

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Post by calfret » Fri, 2. Feb 18, 14:34

I understand that HOTAS support is supposed to have been improved recently. Do we have any further news on this? I will be using a HOTAS setup as well and would like to know.

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Fri, 2. Feb 18, 17:23

There's some information available about the latest changes to Joysticks in the X-Wiki article Configuring Joysticks (4.30).
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