Why the mix of UI to legacy back to UI 'bug' ?

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Why the mix of UI to legacy back to UI 'bug' ?

Post by dertien » Sun, 30. Apr 17, 00:01


Not really a bug per sé but a bit of a question to resolve for a future update.

When you use the sidebar as your main navigation I was wondering why after contacting a trader on any station (like for example the ship dealer) through the sidebar menu, when you select the trade option, the circular menu pops up instead of staying in that UI. After you select your ship, the circular menu makes place again for the 'sidebar UI' where you can choose what equipment to install and how many drones to purchase before you commit to the ship being built.

I was wondering whether it would be possible to keep players in the same 'UI' and not have the 'switch' to circular and then back to UI.

Could the people at Egosoft remedy this in a future update?

Hope this is clear without needing to post screenshots.

Either one chooses the 'Legacy menu' option, and the circular menu is the choice, or one uses the Sidebar UI and the bigger clearer UI is used. Now it's a bit of both and it does not only feel 'weird', the same button to select a choice cannot be assigned to both UI's.


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