[4.10 TO+HoL] New autopilot issues?

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[4.10 TO+HoL] New autopilot issues?

Post by Zetoss » Tue, 25. Apr 17, 17:03

Decided to check out the state of the game after the new patch, made new start (campaign) and wanted to see if the autopilot was improved...

Case 1: Activated after getting the objective to fly Yisha to Boringman - got ejected from highway 40km before highway change, took the opportunity to leave PC to make coffee and heard plot chatter starting while I was returning, found Skunk spinning and bouncing inside plot Arawn, turned out to be stuck in a roll at unknown speed somewhere in the thousands of rpm judging by the flickering and it took about half a minute for it to completely slow to a halt after disabling autopilot when the Arawn jumped out. Worth noting is that using autopilot targeting a ship often ends up with a Skunk stuck inside said ship, always been the case and is a Neptune size inconvenience.

Case 2: Activated autopilot again to reach plot Rahanas - Skunk didn't leave at super highway zone but continued to the next and then flew back and got in it, I don't even know exactly what happened after that but there was a flash and collision noise and suddenly the Skunk was already in the regular highway completely skipping Yisha's comments and the SS ships shenanigans.

Anyone else see significant issues with the autopilot? I made sure to verify integrity and as always I don't use mods, so no need to ask. Drivers should be fine, also I only have mouse and keyboard. I've never expected the autopilot to impress but since it's causing issues with the plot it could potentially mess stuff up for some players, hence this thread.

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Post by ltdan81 » Tue, 25. Apr 17, 23:23

YES, I have definatly noticed that the noticed that guidance system has gone wonky in ver 4.1...

I played through the main plot in ver 4.0 and never noticed any thing too wierd, but I started a new plot game with 4.1 and from the get go I noticed the guidance (in manual mode) taking me in huge circles around my objective.

Sometimes it's like the game doesn't know where my goal is, other times it's like it doesn't know where I am. lol

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