Rebirth won't start - Joystick driver issue with modded game.

Ask here if you experience technical problems with X Rebirth.

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Post by 150147 » Wed, 26. Apr 17, 09:02

Alan Phipps wrote:No, I mean that the update *might* have caused a clash with that mod or even the way the mod is installed. That clash, if any, has to be resolved by the mod author and/or by checking where and how the mod installs.

That is best pursued in the CWIR mod thread in the S&M forum though, as I see you are in fact doing. :thumb_up:

Good luck!
Thanks again.

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Post by yerdna » Sun, 30. Apr 17, 07:22

I can confirm on the bug.
Process Explorer shows the main game thread getting stuck into 100% Interrupt handling

Playing with a completely un-modded, fresh steam install.

I have two controllers available, and Xbox 360 and an Xbox One controller, both using the Microsoft drivers.
Both controllers work the same in other games.
With X:R, only the 360 controller works without incident, Xbox1 controller drivers seem to crash the game.

Can devs confirm that the game works with a stock Xbox One Controller using Microsoft drivers on their end?

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