HOA - PMC relations

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HOA - PMC relations

Post by rifter08 » Fri, 24. Feb 17, 00:19

So i reached the Prison break mission in campaign, but when jumping in i foound that HOA were not fighting, they would just mill around getting blown out of the sky as every drone in the universe zero'd in on me. At first i thought it was an AI issue but noticed that when destroying enemy drones i would loose Rep with HOA and after a dozen kills or so HOA would turn on me.
So for the first time this game i opened the save to fnd my rep with HOA was only +3 and HOA-PMC was maxxed while PMC-HOA was lowest.
So i turned them all around to what they should be and viola the battle was over in minutes.
BUT after jumping out with HOA i immediatly lost 20 rep with HOA!!!
For **** sake Egosoft all i wanted was ONE game where i didn't have to hack my own save to play.

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Post by Santi » Fri, 24. Feb 17, 03:20

Are you using any mods while playing the campaign? Saying because they can cause some issues while playing the campaign. Also save editing can mess things up too.
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