BUG 4.0 - Low framerate ONLY for hud and monitors - FIXED

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BUG 4.0 - Low framerate ONLY for hud and monitors - FIXED

Post by TheRealBix » Thu, 23. Feb 17, 01:55

FIX : Reboot the computer. Why ? I don't know... But it works

The problem is ONLY :
for skunk monitors, which show weapon and missile selected and ship status,
for HUD elements like targets selection squares, "crosshair" circles, etc..
for Info monitor during events (not the background map, only "pop up" events)

There's no problem I think for the rest, like menus or animations etc..

I first noticed it on my heavy modded game of 50+ hours but even without mod and on new game the problem still occurs.
There's also no difference if running on high or low fps.

Those are random videos where it's pretty easy to see with "scanlines" of monitors :
the bug is existing : https://youtu.be/TsDR1Wpy0fo?t=1006
non exisiting : https://youtu.be/BE7nAkpWRUo

ps : I don't know for guys on the videos but my rig consists of a 6700k @4.6Ghz, 16GB of DDR4 @3GHz and an OCd 980. I have no problem to run X rebirth at 60 fps except in some dusty/cloudy sectors but that's another problem.

edit : Here my DxDiag if you really want to : http://tinyurl.com/z3s8ffw

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