[4.00 TO+HoL] Home of Light small traders flying to Faraway

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[4.00 TO+HoL] Home of Light small traders flying to Faraway

Post by Zetoss » Mon, 5. Dec 16, 02:09

There was a stream of Gigurums going north in HoL West Gate so I thought there was some cool hidden station or whatever out there, however now it seems there isn't because they all go to Faraway and the few ones that make it there just get blown to bits immediately. They are all "trading with unknown station" but there is just nothing anywhere near here as far as I can tell, been boosting around Faraway for an hour without seeing a single trace of anything not Xenon. :?

If there is in fact a station hidden maybe move this to the spoilers section but there is absolutely something wrong with mass murdering hundreds of Gigurums by the hour and I think it may even be enough to mess with the economy of HoL since some of them carry loads of high end goods too.

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