XR CE Bonus Disc problem... - BluRay drive needed.

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XR CE Bonus Disc problem... - BluRay drive needed.

Post by -=SiR KiLLaLoT=- » Sun, 28. Aug 16, 13:53


After so many years I used the Bonus Disc to see what it contained.

Unfortunately the DVD is not read from my cdrom drive. I tried to use it on other cdrom readers, but does not work. I think he has a burning problem.

Can I it after all this time of purchase?
Can anyone tell me the procedure for a possible replacement.

Thanks for the answers.
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Post by Alan Phipps » Sun, 28. Aug 16, 23:36

If you look at the Bonus Disk label you will see that it is a BluRay disk (I think that was so that it could hold the making-of films and all the music tracks). Hence you need a BluRay player or drive to play it.
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