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BigBANGtheory wrote:
CBJ wrote:The game is extremely demanding on the CPU, and on a system with higher-end GPU hardware it will be CPU-limited unless you do something like run it at 4K. It's also true to say that framerates will vary due to the very nature of the game; it's not like most games which have limited "levels" with just a few objects being simulated at any one time.

If you're looking for more specific analysis of performance on your particular system then you need to post the information requested at the top of the forum, including a DXDiag report, information on what mods you are using, if any, and so on.
I don't understand the logic but I can confirm that high end CPU + decent GPU + 4k actually improves the frame rate in some areas! TBH I can only think there remains a problem in the architecture and rendering pipeline.
Yup this actually works. Not so much as to increase fps but rather smooth it out, as the dpi require more mouse movement and the increment movement is smoother. Especially when one is using the supercharged engine as opposed to the sidewinder.

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