Mouse cursor disappears [Q&A CUI-1]

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Mouse cursor disappears [Q&A CUI-1]

Post by wolfpackmars2 » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 14:43

I've noticed that while playing, the mouse cursor will completely disappear. Moving the mouse may or may not make it visible again.

However, I have found that if I click the left mouse button, the mouse cursor will reappear (so far this has worked, anyways). This may be by design?

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Post by Cyllie » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 15:08

yes, the mouse seems to disable whenever you use another controller, it appears to be intentional....really wish I could enable the windows mouse cursor

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Post by nemesis1982 » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 15:12

I've had this isseu a couple of times restarting rebirth fixed the issue for me.

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Post by Ryuujin » Sat, 16. Nov 13, 15:14

It seems to occur when another controller interferes. The problem is that the joystick seems to be putting out intermittant signals I can't shut off and that is rendering the on-foot section all but unplayable (as well as making the mouse interface controls useless; though this is less of a concern as an X-veteran, I'm used to using the keyboard for menu navigation)

Nonetheless this problem has rendered X:Rebirth all but unplayable for me so far

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Re: Mouse cursor disappears [Q&A CUI-1]

Post by Alan Phipps » Tue, 14. May 19, 17:43

They are probably not so worried about it 6 years later. <click>
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