Oculus Rift-s controler issues

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Oculus Rift-s controler issues

Post by Cgould » Fri, 12. Jul 19, 16:40

I have been having some issues with the keybindings with the new Oculus-S controllers. I think this is largely to do with the thumb rest, which is either in a different position, or absent all together.
Basically, all I need to do is disable 'reset view with left thumb rest'. I cannot do this in game as the reset view button wants to be bound to something - and it seems stuck on rebinding to a direction on one of the joysticks.
Is there an ini file you can point me to where I can edit out the 'reset view' altogether?

[BTW thanks for bringing me my favourite VR game! REal frustrted that I cannot get back into it on the S - the visuals a so much better there.]
[Pity that X-4 is not in VR - but can understand why. it isn't If I were a millionaire, I would pay for the conversion!]

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Re: Oculus Rift-s controler issues

Post by Balloon » Tue, 31. Dec 19, 21:45

You may have something like C:\Users\[user]\Documents\Egosoft\X Rebirth VR\[number]\inputmap.xml

I can't dig any deeper because I've obtained a refund for the game. But if you can crack Rift S support, I'll buy it again!

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Re: Oculus Rift-s controler issues

Post by TallyFeli » Tue, 16. Nov 21, 20:27

Hi....I introduced Elite Dangerous not very long about from the Oculus Store. At first it sort of played alright yet had issues with the regulator and furthermore when I initially enter my boat I need to push myself ahead to be in the seat not behind it. Yet, presently I can't play it any longer whatsoever. The regulators quit working so I uninstalled the game and reinstalled however at that point I had the option to begin game. I needed to return the leader name, before when I chose that field to add a name a console opened. That does not occur anymore so by and by I can't play the game. I read that this game doesn't uphold Oculus Touch or Rift S regulators and I want to utilize a console and mouse. However, that is unimaginable.

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Re: Oculus Rift-s controler issues

Post by Alan Phipps » Tue, 16. Nov 21, 21:07

@ TallyFeli: That might appear to be the case because this old thread is in the wrong forum. You might try asking your question in an appropriate thread in here. You may need to be a bit more specific as to what your question about XR VR actually is though. I'll lock this thread.
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