Fatal Error at launch

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Fatal Error at launch

Post by RBdes » Mon, 21. Sep 20, 23:52

Hello Egosoft Team. I manually downloaded X:Rebirth outside of GOG Galaxy from my GOG account.
The installation was a success, but when I try to launch the game an error message shows.

Took a screen of it from the desk ..... https://ibb.co/PFw6W15

I am running Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia 64 - Linux kernel 5.4.0-47-generic x86_64 - MATE 1.22.2
Nvidia 1050 TI - Ryzen 3600

Alan Phipps
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Re: Fatal Error at launch

Post by Alan Phipps » Tue, 22. Sep 20, 11:39

Have you used the GOG verification tool to check your game installation?

You will need to post some more information, especially about your system and any game mods, if that does not help.

If you think it may be an issue specific to Linux (and I canot help you with that) then it may be worth checking this thread.
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