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New Player Questions (Not new to X games, just Rebirth)

Posted: Sun, 26. Jun 22, 19:49
by oddible
Long time X3 / X4 vet, got some Rebirth questions...

1) Playing the storyline, I seem to have gotten to a point where I've basically made Albion space hostile to me because of the Plutarch relationship. This happened pretty early so now I'm kinda hosed. The next step in the storline for me seems to require a LOT of resources (Build a Integrative URV Forge) but I can't trade in Albion because Plutarch shoot my traders, I'm struggling to trade in DeVries because the Reivers shoot my traders. Do I need to go off to find new DLC areas to trade in? Should I go find out where (and what) OL is so I can trade there and build up some income? Or are there areas of Albion that don't have Plutarch where I can hunker down? Kinda confused that the storyline created such a conundrum for me, but I guess that is the Egosoft way.

2) I can give Traders multiple orders but I don't seem to be able to delete those orders one at a time, I have to delete them all??? So for instance, I give a buy order of 5,000 units, I give a sell order for 3,000 units to one station then I accidentally give a sell order for 1 unit to the 3rd station, I just want to fix that last sell order but it seems I can only Clear All and start again - is that true?

3) Trade Agents - do I really need a trade agent on every single station? Or just one per zone? I have a mod where I can buy them for 80Kc from space to make it easier I guess just curious. Basically equivalent to dropping a sat at every station in X4 I suppose.

4) Map doesn't seem to work while paused - is this a result of some mod I'm using or is this just the game? I mean the map opens but stuff doesn't show up and I can't zoom or move around on it. (X4 is SOOOOO good regarding pause).

5) Is there any way to quickly close everything? All pop up windows, all sidebars? Sometimes I'm in the middle of management and I'll start getting shot at and need to quickly get into action and I find I'm stuck jamming the ESC key 100 times to get back to my chair.

6) Renaming a ship - can I really not move my cursor to the beginning of the name? Can I ONLY delete the entire name if I want to add a 2 letter designation to the front of the name so they sort well for me?

7) I'm struggling conceptualizing the production tree. Is there one? I X4 it is so succinct. I can't even find any resources online that show production trees for Rebirth. Point me to something that shows how things go together and what consumes what? Or does everything consume everything just in varying degrees so there isn't much point?

8 ) I claimed a tiny fighter from the REI after they bailed. I wanted to repair the hull so went to the SY and asked the small ship vendor. It was gonna cost like a MILLION cr!??! A ship that was worth 67K cr if I just sold it!? Isn't there another way to repair small ship hulls?

Re: New Player Questions (Not new to X games, just Rebirth)

Posted: Mon, 27. Jun 22, 14:02
by Bruddel
To 1
as far i remember the tradeships are not attacked. Yourself have to stay out of trouble. the issue was RMP (Reinforced metal plating).
- First find a station (in Albion / buried treasure ?)
- then supply that, so it starts producing
- then find the timing to pick it up

Cost hours but kind of fun, and frustating at the same time

To 2
not to my knowing. You have to cancel the whole trade, do it over again

To 3
No, you dont need that. But a trade agent is bond to the stations, so it doesnt cover the zone

To 6
its like you discribed ^^

the rest
yea, i think X Rebirth do a lot, to turn people off. But on the same time there is a lot into that game, which is very cool.
However mods can help to adjust the universe to your liking