4K UI and Small Font Solution

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4K UI and Small Font Solution

Post by JasonStarcruiser » Mon, 2. May 22, 08:49

I made a quick video on how I solved it by improving on "Realspace" reply in another thread (Thanks man!)


Basically I added in Config.XML under the Graphic Options Section located in Documents / Egosoft / Config.xml.


Save as "All Files" and overwrite file

Then in the Game Settings under Settings
Menu = Side Console
Large HUD Menu = On
Main Menu = Legacy

I am able to play at 4K settings and have no problems seeing the UI Text and Fonts on my 48" LG OLED in 4K sitting back about 5 feet or so...BLISS


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Re: 4K UI and Small Font Solution

Post by spacetrotter » Fri, 19. Aug 22, 09:57

That totally worked. Thank you so much. I don't know if anyone is still playing this great game but this fix works great. Thanks again.

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