Station stealing so little ammount?

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Station stealing so little ammount?

Post by bounty_hunter66 » Fri, 2. Oct 20, 20:47


I just got into X Rebirth a few weeks ago(i'm always a game behind). And tried to steal some wares from a PMC URV BTO line.

I got into the Trojan URV and hacked a container I saw that had Fusion Reactors and other high tech goods. I did the minigame and at the end only a tiny fraction out of all the storage was dropped. Is this normal? Is it supposed to work like that?

The storage had like 500 fusion reactors but only like 30 were dropped. Why so little? And after this the module was not hackable anymore. Is this intended? If yes, then how is stealing from stations supposed to be more lucrative than hacking transport ships? Considering the risks involved for stations.

Thanks in advance

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