First Loading song for X-Rebirth

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First Loading song for X-Rebirth

Post by ezra-r » Tue, 1. Sep 20, 22:13

When X Rebirth was launched it had a song while loading, after a few patches the music was changed for another song.

Can anyone tell me which was that first song in the loading screen before it was changed? thanks (Can't find it in the OST)

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Re: First Loading song for X-Rebirth

Post by tomchk » Wed, 2. Sep 20, 00:50

I'd like to know also--I really missed that song!
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Re: First Loading song for X-Rebirth

Post by bitvoid » Wed, 21. Oct 20, 16:57

The song playing on the original title screen is a slightly edited version of "Nemesis Two" by Alexei Zakharov. The unedited version is a bonus track in X Rebirth Soundtrack Vol. 2

The edited version that was used in the game isn't included in the soundtrack. You can grab it from the cat/dat files if you extract them though (the file is "music/Alexei Zakharov - X4 Main Menu Theme 03 Nemesis Two.xwma").

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