Station Locations and Pathfinding

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Station Locations and Pathfinding

Post by drowningfly » Fri, 20. Dec 19, 10:18

My last playthrough was a few years ago, and I had a great time until I started trying to build groups of stations in empty space. I put 5 stations together in the middle of nowhere in Cold Star, with a bunch of small trade ships with the intent of the stations supplying each other. Despite the stations being as close together as I could build them, the traders would slow-boat 200km away before turning back to the next station, turning a trip that should have taken a couple of minutes into sevral hours. My stations were all starved of resources, I got frustrated, and quit.

I'm starting a new game and looking to avoid making the same mistakes. Is there a trick to building a station 'complex' away from hyperlanes without running into pathfinding issues, or is it just best to build in preexisting sectors? Did I just get unlucky?

I had no responses so here's an edit for the future googler: It seems pathfinding in Cold Star and Torrrde (and possibly other systems without hyperlanes) seems a little wonky. Ships seem to want to follow certaian pre-specified routes, which looks pretty cool when you have all the ships following the fog and asterioid route markers, but seems to break when you create new zones in areas the game doesn't expect. Probably best to create new zones in systems with hyperlanes, or use existing zones in secors without.

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