Production Efficiency from Staff

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Production Efficiency from Staff

Post by Vectorial1024 » Sun, 26. Aug 18, 05:52

I noticed from the game files that Managers and Defense Officers are supposed to grant 3% efficiency each to production efficiency. But in my playthrough, these bonuses are not granted.

Is this intentional? Or is this feature not implemented?
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Post by Alan Phipps » Sun, 26. Aug 18, 14:52

I thought that was actually the role of the relevant science specialists that you need to find for your station?

With Managers I can partially see some logic there, although they should give efficiencies more by doing better deals and setting up better transport routes using their current primary skill levels. Defence Officers I just don't see in that position given their primary skillset; their role is more to maintain existing efficiency by stopping bits of the station being destroyed, damaged, hacked or looted by raiders.
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