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X-perimental problem

Post by skullwarrior » Mon, 12. Jun 17, 15:46

I got the quest "X-perimental" the first time I enter Omicron Lyrae, as intended, I already collected all reagents requested and the quest is telling me to bring tha parts bak to Mayenne, but the guidence is not working, I can't find this NPC, I fly over all zones in Omicron hoping the guidance reactivates and tell me to dock in some station, but is not doing a thing.
I sold 2 items from the reagents list in order to "reactivate" the quest, now it falls back to the item recollection, I hope this time the guidence work.
But in the case that it doesn't work, What can I do? I really need that jump device, I currently have all my stations in DeVries Molten Archon/Bleak Peeble i I have to fly all over the DeVries in order to go from DP to MA, is freeking anoying, can anyone help me???

Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 12. Jun 17, 17:04

Moving to XR Universe (gameplay) forum from Tech Sp as more XR players will see this there.
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Post by Ezarkal » Tue, 13. Jun 17, 00:28

It happened to me once. I think I just assumed it was a bug induced by a mod and started over. (It worked on the second time). If nothing works, it might be possible to edit your savefile and add the jumpdrive on your ship. (More experienced players in the modding forums might be able to help you with that.)
As for the drive, it allows you to jump to any jump beacon/jump gate you've discovered, all through the universe. It's pretty powerful, but in your case, since your stations are in the same system, I'd simply suggest you use a capship to jump you between sectors.
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Post by Xenon_Slayer » Tue, 13. Jun 17, 10:45

Feel free to send your savegame to owen@egosoft.com if you want us to take a look.

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