[4.10 TO+HoL] Autopilot bug or feature? - Was a bug but fix is coming!

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Post by Nanook » Tue, 13. Jun 17, 18:45

ianrobo75 wrote:...
Interesting how the fix was presented though, apologetically...
I think you misinterpreted the 'apology'. :wink: :wink:
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Re: [4.10 TO+HoL] Autopilot bug or feature? - Was a bug but fix is coming!

Post by spankahontis » Wed, 14. Jun 17, 01:43

Åâãåíèé Íåóñòðîåâ wrote:Hello. after 4.1 update i decided to start new game and noticed that if i fly on autopilot through yellow+blue lanes then my ship goes seemlessly from one yellow to blue lane and vice versa. Without flying through open space from blue exit to yellow entrance - it just exit from blue right into yellow, or from yellow right into blue lane. I uninstalled all mods except official DLCs, started new game and could repeat same thing 100%. Is this a feature in 4.1 or a bug? I find it somewhat immersion-breaking, actually.

Are you talking about autopilot following escort ships?

Cause I notice when escorting freighters they will leave the Highway and automatically vanish and go through another highway without entering the zone?
Makes escort missions allot easier but it is a bug that needs cleaning.

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Post by Malganis » Wed, 5. Jul 17, 11:05

Please don't fix this bug. I find it usefull too. The Autopilot is fast and i can watch my stats and trades. I think this is good for People who want a quick travel if they have no sinza.
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Post by Ezarkal » Sat, 8. Jul 17, 20:07

Here's another bug, probably related to the one described in the OP.

If you set autopilot from OL towards a location in Maelstrom, you'll get stuck in an endless highway loop in Devoid Clime (as soon as you'll leave the highway towards the gate, you'll be teleported to Keen Chant's highway entrance)
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