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adjustement price bug

Post by Imrahill » Mon, 29. Aug 16, 18:35

Hi, i notice a probable serious trouble with adjustement price. At 90% of my explorations, stations demanding goods offer a 50% discount, while provider like panel solar station sells good at ~+15%.

Another thing, my rahanas disapear after the DeVries mission, or during i don't know how. It was sationned to heart of albion :/

Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 29. Aug 16, 23:10

You do have to work at finding the right prices to make profits. That is where the 'trade deals' facility comes in useful in the early game. There are several useful threads and guides on early game trading in the X Rebirth Universe forum.

Your freighters get captured by PMC in the plot, and you have to do some further work in the plot to get them back. That is not a bug.

Moving to X Rebirth Universe (gameplay) forum from Tech Sp. You should get lots of help from other players there.
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Post by Ezarkal » Tue, 30. Aug 16, 20:00

Alan said it all.

Your Rahanas will return later in the plot. You'll have to do without it for a little while.

As for trading, it's a matter of finding who sells cheap and who's ready to pay a lot. Placing trade agents on stations via smalltalk, missions or mods (TAF! or others) is a good way to develop your trade network without checking every stations every few hours, but from there it's all about using the trading windows to find the most profitable deals.
Some whole regions of space can be lacking of certain ressources, too. Sometimes, manually shifting goods one or two systems away can give you millions of credits in a single trade run.

On that note, you might find interesting to know that enemy factions will not fire on your traders if your reputation with them is above -20 (or equal? cCan anyone confirm for equal?) This means your trade ships should technically still be safe in albion, even though PMC turns hostile to you and your combat ships during the plot. (This does not concern pirate factions, who will turn hostile to any freighter with cargo)
If you're looking for another container/energy freighter, I would recommend RoC's Lepton. While it does not have much cargo capacity, it's fast and nimble, and can get full load of either energy or container type wares (cargo bay is not split like the Rahanas). That makes it good for quick and profitable trades, and for ware delivery missions.
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Carl Sumner
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Post by Carl Sumner » Mon, 5. Sep 16, 23:49

Like they said...

You can get a new freighter and send it to get stuff in Albion, as long as you are not on it or too nearby. Give it some fighter drones, they decoy away enemy fighters so that the freighter can escape.

If you did not get any trade agents in Albion before you got thrown out, then you can go back if you are fast and sneaky. Use your thrusters carefully and don't shoot enemy ships unless you have to. You might want to make friends with them later.

There is a wide range of relations, they are not just "friend or enemy", so don't make them madder than you have to.

Sneak in to neutral stations and get trade agents. Then you can stay in Devries and send fast ships to trade with them.

Prices do change, each time someone buys or sells or makes something. It is mainly based on how much they currently have, and also costs of resources. So buy from the one with the most and sell to the ones that are out.

HTH 8-)

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